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Friday, May 26, 2006

Crop circle

Crop circle are flattened and geometrically. There are different shapes of crop circles; these include squares, circular, rectangular, rings and cubes. Crop circles are very unique and complex pattern. Some were observed from the video. Crop circles happened on wheat, corn, rice, barley, oats and grass. Crop circles occurred naturally however, some crop circles are artificial. Crop circle occurred in different places in the world. Many of the crop circle occurred in 11pm and 4am.

Some scientists said that the crop formation show that the world is going to change. In contrary, some scientists said that crop circle happened when Satan has visited the farmer’s yard and trampled down within crop circle.

Scientists used different way to understand the crop circles. Some scientists tested the soil and silicon crystals inside the circle as well as the soil outside the circle. The findings indicated that the soil inside circle was radioactive. The soil outside the circle was not radio active. The circles were flattened. Some scientists said that inside the circle there is more magnetic ion compound than outside.

Crop circle have occurred in countries such as Japan, United States of America, Israel, England, India and Britain. In place such as Germany and France crop circle occurred in April and August. In Japan crop circles had appear on rice field. The shape of the crop circles were pictogram.

The laboratory finding which has been found in USA was based on oats stem. The stem which was found inside the circle and outside was different. The crop inside the received more heat.

The crop circle which has been found in New York had the triangular formation. The scientists used wheat. The findings indicated that the seeds inside the formation were tiny and they were not growing very fast. The crops near the circle formation were also were similar like crops inside.

Crop circles are really unique. It is difficult to understand the formation. Crop circle do occur naturally. However, some crop circles are made by human. Crop circle also have sizes which indicate that they used certain measurement.


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  • Where are your references, there is no peer-reviewed material cited? What evidence is there. Some sentences are incomplete e.g. "The stem which was found inside the circle and outside was different" - firstly it is plural stems and secondly what about the stems is different? You have not actually read the instructions or found peer-review material, hence this exercise has not actually been done. Why are references not hyperlinked?

    You have produced virtually no evidence, this is a badly prepared description of crop circles.

    Please you must do what is asked for.

    By Blogger Rich Knight, at Friday, May 26, 2006 8:49:00 PM  

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