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Friday, May 26, 2006


What are these crop circles some says that they are patterns that no one can explain and others says that they are similar crops that some of the crops are flattened to form different types of shapes.

Some people think that crop circles are natural and others thinks that are manmade. Some people think that it is a “foot print of intelligence” [1]. Those who have seen crop circle been made said that it takes just few minutes to make a crop circle. For an example Doug Bower and Dave Chorley said that they know how to make these circles and they have been making crop circles in England since 1978 [2]. They said they were using planks, ropes, wires and hats to make the circles.

So who or what really made these crop circles is it the witches/wizards or lightning or aliens or just super natural powers or man. I think nobody really knows the answer to this question because each and everyone want to prove that his/her point to be right. Those who are saying that they are witches or wizards’ making this circles they said that the witches/wizards made the circles while they are dancing and they dance in rings or circles. As for the different circles they says that witches/wizard do not serve the same master so it depends on which master they are serving and they call crop circles as “fairy circles”. Some people say that is a way that aliens communicate with people so what people has to do is just to figure out what the circle means. As for the lightning they say that the lightning has burst from the clouds in a circular way then when it reaches the ground it makes crop circles [3].

Why are this crop circle happening is it just to decorate the field or is there any other reason. Those who are making these circles they are just making them for fun just like Doug and Dave were making these circles just to make people think that aliens’ spacecraft had landed there just because they have read about crop circles from a book [4]. But those who believe that crop circles are made by aliens said that on the night this crop circle appeared they saw unusual light and they also heard some weird sounds and some says that they smelt a “smoky foul smell” in the early mornings [5]. As for those who believe that crop circles are natural thinks that everything can be explained by the “Plasma vortex theory” where air from the top of a hill whirls up and produce electrically charged particles which flattens the crops [6].

In the soil of some crop circles especially were the crops were bent there were small particles of magnetic iron which were found inside the circles were more than those found outside the circle? The soil inside the circle differs from the soil outside in such a way that the soil which is found inside the circle is more fertile than the one which is outside. The nodes on the stalks of plants which are inside the circle are different from those outside so if it was man-made how do they change the nodes of plants? Why the do not make mistake because all the crop circles that are available are all perfect. Where do they get time to make this circle? What is keeping the shape of the circles? Why are these crop circles only found in certain plants such as wheat, corns or oat but not in spinach field or pumpkin field? Why do they occur only during the night between 11 pm to 4 in the morning [7]?

The way the crop circles are made the are so beautiful so some of them I can believe that they are made by man but some I do not believe; they way the are so complicated I do not think they can make them. From this website [8] explains how artificial crop circles were made so my question is how did the change the nodes on the plants or is just another technique used to become rich and famous? So I personally I think some of the crop circles occur naturally and some are man-made.


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  • Crop circles with an alien face are certainly man-made.

    What do you mean by this sentence "No one has ever seen the crop circles being made but some says that they did saw it and it takes just few minutes to make a crop circle." It is contradictory.

    Doug Bower and Dave Chorley claims to have made them have largely been discredited, their demonstrated efforts were very poorly executed.

    The first part is largely irrelevant - need to read the question, which is covered in the second part of your answer.

    Evidence is presented that there is some strange scientifically measured parameters - but you have not interpreted this.

    Good Points referencing is getting better - but only one peer-reviewed article?

    By Blogger Rich Knight, at Friday, May 26, 2006 9:11:00 PM  

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