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Monday, May 15, 2006


Images …. Pictures of the mind ….. Pictures of the eyes. Crop circles are but one phenomenon of several kinds that involve eye-catching, nearly perfect geometric forms. How these pictures will be interpreted depend on the human self and the values one has grown up with. If you need to believe in something mysterious the crop circle concept is perfect. I do consider it as a weakness in personality. Just as some people has to believe in God or gods, some need to believe in some kind of mysterious phenomenon that will also hopefully save the world or change the world in future, making it a better place to live on. I’d rather believe in myself than in such a phenomenon! But let us have a look where this whole concept comes from:

The patterns occur mainly in cereal (grain) fields and are being made overnight (1).
Interestingly enough I noticed that it only occur in well developed countries and not in the poorer, under developed countries. This made me wonder whether the aliens making them have such a good knowledge of the economics of the different countries and why are they avoiding the poorer souls. Or are they so intelligent that they only want to communicate with the cream of society?

The fact that the first crop circle made resembles a devil-like creature made me wonder what role Satanist play in this whole saga. It is general knowledge that Satanist draw pictures of Satan-like creatures at places where it will be noticed and I do think that the choice of a grain land is an excellent one if you want to draw attention and also add the mysterious element. The fact that people that visit these crop circles return as changed people according to published information may rather be due to the working of Satan than to Aliens, although if you believe in aliens it is also quite clear that you don’t believe in God and isn’t that in itself already a rigid fundament for Satan to find an opportunity to pursue your soul and mind. With this I do not say that all people that does not believe in God is Satanist, because there are also people that does not believe in any kind of religious force. Wikipedia mention that the farmer on whose farm the first crop circle appeared “swored that he would rather have the devil do the work”. It is utterly important to remember that just as it is wrong to call God by his name unnecessary it is also wrong to call to Satan as a figure as speech. The Bible warns us that Satan is very powerful; therefore one has to watch your tongue because if you are calling Satan he will be available before you have even finished your sentence or thought.

Isn’t it a stated fact from the Bible that Satan especially works in the dark and not in the light and also that Satan is wasting no time but are working as fast as possible to gain as many souls possible for his Kingdom? Yes it may seem impossible for us to think that a complicated crop circle pattern can be created in say fifteen minutes, but for Satan nothing is impossible except to beat God. It is also a general fact that the ancient Egyptians did not believe in God, although they were aware of God’s existence, because after the ten plagues they definitely feared God, but they still did not believe in God. It is also general knowledge that the Egyptians believed in gods and therefore is the drawings of aliens in their ancient graffiti not really something unexpected, because they believed in a variety of gods which may have just as well included alien gods. I mean why not?
Just as the amount of crop circles were growing, Satan’s followers did also grow.

It is also noteworthy to mention the fact that the first crop circles were very simple in structure, but as technology has improved the patterns did also.

Plants are also positive phototropic and will grow therefore towards light and this may provide a possible explanation for the fast growth of the cereal nodes at the outer side of the plant and the slower growth pattern at the inner side of the node. This is exactly where the dark nights come into action, because the fastest reaction of plant growth on a light stimulus will be when it is surrounded by darkness and a light source is directed from only one side. The increase in growth rate can be easily explained if radio-active material was added to the recipe. A small piece of radio-active material can have an immense immediate and after effect on plants and humans for example. Forces are not only mechanical of nature with the result of plant pieces found lying around. Some forces like electromagnetic forces work over a distance and its effects can be just as dramatic. Interaction between magnetic fields and electrical fields may have played a role in the formation of crop circles. And yes what about lasers, especially in the making of the modern crop circles that seems to get more complicated and faster made. As the saying goes: Time is money! I do believe that there is a quite simple rational explanation that will explain its creation and that in due time it will become known to us.

Wikipedia mention also the hypothesis that the bending can be due to the bursting of the nodes due to the heating up of the water in the nodes that will vaporize, therefore increase the pressure etc. BUT my logic tells me that if the temperature did rise so high that water inside the nodes can reach boiling point it will not only be the nodes that will explode but also the internodes, because xylem tissue is continuous and the nodes are not vacuoles acting as storage places for excessive water, but it is the locality where auxiliary buds occur that will develop into side branches therefore the thickening and extra strengthening of the stem. Further more if the temperature increases so much that the water inside the nodes could have reach boiling point, the rest of the cell contents would definitely been destroyed, like the cell organelles. Heat does not choose and it most definitely did not only have an effect on the water content of the plant. Thus any further plant growth in this case would have been impossible, the whole plant would have been damaged and died due to over exposure to heat. I mean boiling point is 100 degrees Celsius! I have never read anywhere that the other plant parts like the phloem tissue, parenchyma, collenchyma, sklerenchyma, etc. are heat resistance. I thus consider this theory as busted.

There are several more theories that involve gods but as I don’t believe in gods I do not consider any of these theories as holding any truth and it is therefore not in my framework to say more about it. Some theories that may give some kind of an explanation is the Whirlwind Vortex and the Plasma Vortex, but I am unfortunately not convinced yet by any of them. I think the solution to the formation of the crop circles must be very simple and direct and it is only a matter of time before it will be solved through serendipity.

1. Wikipedia contributors. Crop circle [Internet]. Wikipedia, The free Encyclopedia; 2006 May 10, 21:18 UCT [Cited 2006 May 11]. Available from:

Elizabeth van der Merwe
Department of Biodiversity and Conservation
University of the Western Cape

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  • Hi Elizabeth

    I try to keep science and religion apart. There are many unexplained things in this world, but I try to solve them for myself through looking at all the evidence and then decide if it is worth spending time on that issue...

    By Blogger Karen Marais, at Monday, May 15, 2006 10:24:00 PM  

  • Elizabeth, nice piece. I didnt think of it that way but it seems the aliens' preference is clearly for economically developed countries.

    By Anonymous Monique, at Wednesday, May 17, 2006 10:15:00 AM  

  • Hi Elizabeth

    Thanks for an interesting point of view. I suppose one dy we will have an explanation for all of this, as with most things as they progress through time. I suppose Dr. Knight is also right here in that once we are ready to accept certain things, they will be revealed. It is rather interesting though, how anything new and seemingly unexplainable is automatically designated as paranormal...if we don't know what normal is, what the heck is paranormal anyway?



    By Blogger davidvaughan, at Friday, May 19, 2006 3:56:00 PM  

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