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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


To View the third part of the Elegant Universe you have two options (streaming or downloading)

a) Streaming: Visit this link below which was provided on the original posting

You will need either QuickTime or Real Player Installed to view - the entire series is available for watching.

Apple QuickTime
  2. Use the Free Download to install it and view it as streamed material
  3. QuickTime Pro can be purchased which allows you to download the content not just view the streamed material!)
  2.  follow the link that says FREE RealPlayer    (top right - grey lettering)
  3. follow the link that says Get RealPlayer - Free
  4. This will install the Basic "Free" RealPlayer to View material

b) Downloading the file from our servers

The links are for download only- I cannot actually see why you cannot right click and 'Save Target as" to download the file - the server is up (if our Download Server is down you will not get the header at the top of this page only large white writing "Scientific Methods" on a grey background.
If you use our download links you must ensure you have Quick Time  installed on your PC. 
Difference between "Streamed" and "Download"

Streamed means on demand material that is stored on a server and is available to be transmitted at a user's request.  You view the material but the file are not transferred to you (not even in your Internet Cache)
Download as the name implies means that the file is downloaded and you can play it by simply opening up the downloaded file and you do not even have to be on the Internet to view it.  In the case of download files (especially PDFs) it is best to use the right click of your mouse and "Save Target as" to direct where you want the file to be downloaded.  You then go to the folder you directed the "Save Target as" to open up the file.  If you just click it will try an open up the file in your Browser - this is rather slow and does not always work .  Consequently it is much better to download and open these files as a two stage operation.
Please if you have Technical Problems you have two options
  1. Ramsley Sono can help you out providing this does not take more than 20% of his time
  2. Log a Helpdesk call - they should come through and sort out your problems.
I have test both the Streaming and the Downloading and it works - streaming is particular good at the moment!


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