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Friday, April 21, 2006

Made in a Hollywood basement - Did they or didn't they land on the moon?

Well, in my humble opinion I would venture to suggest that the moon landing that we saw in the footage, photo's and other paraphernalia was in fact all staged, and that the real moon landing, whenever that was I'm not sure, was a much less spectacular, and much less eventful happening. The moon footage and photo's were all done in time to afford America victory in the 'space race', and the suspicions around that I feel can never truly be rebutted, in light of the fact that to the day the united states remains a world superpower, who has a direct influence on almost every major event (or at least how it to be perceived by the rest of the world) in the world. The movie 'Wag the dog' is a perfect illustration of the power that the US media has over the way a war, or the rest of the world views any other current world event, and also just how much one can tamper with footage/photo's to achieve the desired result.

Some of the most plausible motives for the US government staging this hoax are distraction and cold war prestige. Distraction - the lunar missions definitely took peoples attention from the Vietnam war, and the frantic lunar activity strangely came to a halt, with planned missions being aborted, around the same time that the US stop their involvement in the Vietnam War. Cold War Prestige - It was imperative for the U.S. government win the space race with the USSR. Going to the Moon, if at all possible, was quite risky and pretty expensive. It would have been much easier (and cheaper) to fake the landing, ensuring sure-fire success.

There are many people who believe, and many who don't, and I will now work through my opinion on their comments, which I got off

Bob Builder - "How is anyone supposed to believe that a space-craft with the total computer power of a pocket calculator made it to the moon and back?"

I do believe that there must have been some serious risk involved in the first mission. The available technology at the time was such that there was a good chance that the landing might fail if genuinely attempted, and therefore I think they would have at least have taken 'precautionary' measures like maybe prerecording the mission, and taking photo's, to ensure the 'success' of the mission.

Harry Faulkner - "I still believe it was real. And just think what a coup it would have been for the Soviet Union to be able to show that it was all faked. If they had even so much as a whisper that it was faked - and their intelligence was very good - they'd have screamed 'fake' at the top of their voices. They never did."

The Soviets, with their own competing moon program and an intense economic and political and military rivalry with the USA, would be expected to have cried foul if the USA tried to fake a Moon landing, if it wasn't for the fact that, according to the Theorist Ralph Rene, shortly after the alleged Moon landings, the USA silently started shipping hundreds of thousands of tons of grain as humanitarian aid to the allegedly starving USSR. This may act as evidence of a cover-up, the grain being the price of silence.

Geoff Pollard - "The conspiracy theorists always ignore one important factor... the moon rocks that were brought back. These were distributed world wide to the scientific community and universities for evaluation. Surely if they had been faked then someone would have blown the whistle by now."

In response to that, I only have two words: Piltdown Man. Piltdown was a major archaeological hoax, which was successfully perpetrated for over 40 years. Many other hoaxes have been successfully staged over the years, and I have no reason to believe that in this one there isn't some hint of untruth.


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