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Thursday, March 30, 2006


This video "follows worker Nakht as he is conscripted from his village to work on the Great Pyramid and moves his way up through the ranks to become a senior overseer. Through his eyes we see the construction of the greatest tomb known to man. Brilliantly polished casing stones clad the pyramid and the top sparkles with a gold capstone. The base covers 13 acres and is level to within less than an inch. It is aligned to the four points of the compass to near perfect precision. Inside, intricate networks of passageways lead to three chambers. In one the King will be laid to rest in a vast granite sarcophagus along with unimaginable riches. Here, he will become a medium for all his subjects between heaven and earth, god and man, life and death and all order will depend upon him. DocumentaryMany engineers believe that even with the help of 21st Century technology, they still could not build anything like the Great Pyramid. It is aligned with the four points of the compass with a near perfect precision and its base, which covers 13 acres, is level to within less than one inch. This accuracy is phenomenal in any epoch, and an almost supernatural feat for the ancient Egyptians. For 4,500 years, men have reeled before this most extraordinary of all human monuments - and asked how and why it was built."

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  • I really enjoyed this video - thanks allot Rich! I firstly enjoyed that it allowed me a look into the time of the building of the pyramids, not from a purely hard scientific point of view, but rather from the viewpoint of a personal narrative, to whicj i could easily relate.

    This then allowed me to understand why so many people where prepared to sacrificve their whole workig lives (in some cases their actual lives) to persue the wishes of their king. They did it because they found meaning and pupose in their lives, in service of their king.

    Not many people these days have something/somebody that they are prepared to die for, and that i think has definately lead to the rise of the 'self-help''meaning of life' industry which is booming at the moment. If people found something that they truly believed in, and would be prepared to die for, they wouldn't need to buy all these book as they would have meaning in their lives.

    Lastly i would just like to say, WOW! The sheer brilliance in the conceptualisation and constuction of those imense structures, is truly amazing!

    By Anonymous Annamarie, at Thursday, April 20, 2006 11:59:00 AM  

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