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Friday, April 21, 2006



Since 1960s until early 1970s the attempts were made by the Russians and the Americans to land on the moon. Because of the radiation belt the Apollo 1 to Apollo 10 never reached the moon, they were all destroyed and the astronauts were killed. It was until 20 july1969 when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are said to be the first to have landed the moon. The NASA claims were supported by the evidence of 841 pounds of moon rock they brought home to the earth. It is believed that not only these two went to the moon but also other astronauts did go there until the period of 1972. Among those who went to the moon 9 are still alive.


On the 15 February 2001 the fox television aired a program called conspiracy theory: did we land on the moon? According to the show NASA fake the film of moon landing. Since the programme aired there are lots of debates going around concerning whether they did or did not land on the moon?


According to my point of understanding, I am 94% believe that the whole thing is a hoax and they never landed the space craft on the moon. It is said that there is a radiation belt that surrounded the moon. The temperature of this radiation belt is about 250- 500 degree Celsius and this is too much for any object to pass through this belt therefore they should be destroyed. Though NASA claimed to have made a well planned space craft to withstand this temperature still it does not make sense because during the 1960s, the technology was not that much well advanced and they did not have the capabilities of reaching the moon.


Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are said to be the first to land on the moon and this is supported by the fact that they were seen walking on the moon, they erected the American flag and they brought back moon rock home to earth. I totally disagree that this men landed the moon because by the time they were erecting the flag, it was seen bending and ripping of which is highly impossible in situation where there is no air. The way they (astronauts) were moving is questionable. It is said that at the moon there is no force of gravity therefore they were not suppose to jump up and down because if there was no force of gravity they should have  just hang over the moon ground.


The astronauts were heard communicating with the controllers on the ground just 9 hours after they leave the earth and they claimed to have reached the moon. But according to what the scientist said it is estimated that the time to reach the moon is 72 hours so 9 hours is not even a halfway to the moon.


The other fact is that those astronauts who said to have landed the moon refused to be interviewed. Those who were interviewed some how they were not co-operating and were rude these prove that they are hiding something. I think they should be proud, stand-up tall and tell us about their experience. So by running away from the people who need to interview them prove that there is something wrong or they are running away from the truth. Those who were interviewed some how they made different statements which raise concern that they really faked to have gone to the moon.


The NASA failed to show the photos that confirm that the astronauts really did go to the moon. This is because their photos failed to show the stars. The black sky should be full of stars and non are visible in their photographs. Therefore these proved that they photos were not originally taken from the moon surface.   


I therefore conclude that we are living in the world of competition where every country wants to be on top in terms of technology, wealth and everything. That is why some people will have to fake things if they cannot make the original or the real things. I believe this is also another hoax.




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  • "Because of the radiation belt the Apollo 1 to Apollo 10 never reached the moon, they were all destroyed and the astronauts were killed."

    - I beg to differ. History quite well documents the fate of not only the Astronauts of Apollo 1, but 7 (The only manned Apollo mission launched on a Saturn B-1 rocket), spending 10 adys and 20 hours in orbit; 8: the first Apollo mission to take man to the moon (10 orbits) and back safely, testing flight trajectory; 9: First manned flight of all lunar module equipment hardware in Earth's orbit (241 hours and 53 seconds of mission time); 10: Complete staging of Apollo 11 mission with all the hardware, second mission to orbit the moon. Astronaust arrived safely back to Earth on 26 May 1969.

    David Vaughan

    By Blogger davidvaughan, at Friday, April 21, 2006 6:36:00 PM  

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