Scientific Methods

Thursday, April 13, 2006


The theory of how the universe work was the serious problem to scientists. Long time ago scientists were struggling to find the theory that can clearly indicate how the universe works. Some scientists tried to come up with their theories to understand the universe. The theories of these scientists conflict from each other. Scientists who were involved in formulating their theories include Niels Bohr, Isaac Newton and Albert Eistein. It was hard to understand the relationship between the planets for examples Earth, Mars and Jupiter. Each scientist discovered forces to understand how the universe works. Forces include weak, gravity, electro magnetism and nuclear. They tried to join their forces in order to come up with better results.Isaac Newton used the apple from the apple tree to explain the pulling, pushing forces and force of gravity. Both pulling and pushing forces were acting on the apple. Hence force of gravity pulled the apple down towards the centre of the Earth. The apple did not go up due to the power of force of gravity had to pull an apple.Newton also indicated that light runs faster than everything. According to Maxwell when light is traveling it produce waves. Electricity and magnetism are closely related. The relationship between the two was determined using mathematical language. There is a difference in strength between the speed of gravity and electro magnetism. Electro magnetisms are stronger than gravity. Everything has to do with magnetism and electricity. He came up with the theory of quantum mechanics. He used dice to determine the probability of the outcome. Dice proved that the world is a place of chance.In 1930s, Nima Arkani has discovered that gravity and electromagnetism are not the only forces which are strong. The other forces include the nuclear which consists of protons and neutrons and the weak force. In 1933, Michael explained the theory of quantum mechanics theory and indicated that the universe is formed as a result of the big bang.In 1968 scientists searched the equation that explains the strong nuclear force. Brian found the equation with hundred years to describe the string theory. The equation was B (p.q) = rp (q)/ r (p+q)However the equation was criticized by other scientists. Brain said the force of nature can be explained by the small particles.In 1973 scientists continued to wrestle to find an equation. Mars less particles were anomalies. The theory said that x/2 =2 and x/2=1. These indicate that the equation is anomalies because it does not produce the same equations.In 1984, the theory of everything was questioned. Anything in the world is made up of tiny particles. The quantum mechanic was protected because there was no experiment and observation to show that the scientists were wrong. In 1985 string theory was used. It was also proved to be a theory of everything. Nobody proved the big bang. Maybe if they would try to prove this theory, they would gain more knowledge about how the universe works.

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