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Thursday, April 13, 2006



Hominids appeared in the planet about 3.5 million year ago. Radiometic dating indicates that hominids are first appeared in the planet. Scientist believed that hominids selected specific materials to make their tools. A large quartzite cobbles which are harder are the good rocks that were used to made tools because they are harder to work. According to the scientists, the earliest stone tool appeared in the fossil recorded around 2.6 million years ago. These tools were used for cutting and scraping as well as killing other animals. There are different types of stone technologies. Namely: Oldowan, Acheulean, Mousterian assembly and the early Perigordian and Avrigncian industries. The scientists suggested that the tool that was used by the earliest hominids were found at these industries. The following different types of stones toolmakings such as; flakes; cores; Acheulian; and oldowan tools were used by early human ancestors to kill other animals. The scientists did not agree about who was the earliest toolmaker. They were not so sure which one was the first toolmaker. Darwin suggest that hominids who had freed up hands and walked in two feet would be able to used tools because many of them were a meat eater. They were feeding themselves by hunting and killing other animals. Benjamin Frackin believed that man was the toolmaker. Human was walking with two feet and was a master hunters, it was easy for them to run after their pray. Human also made tools in order to protect themselves from being killed by their enemy such as lions etc. Sileshi Seman said that he found the worlds earliest stone tool about 2.5 million year ago at north of middle Awash at Gona area. Seman and his colloquies were not so sure who made these earliest toolmaker, they believed that human ancestors made these tools. They identify Australopithecus garhi as a best toolmaker. Louis Leakey believed that the origin of Homo related to the development of toolmaking such as stone tools. Leakey also believed that stone tools found at the Olduvia Gorge belong to the Homo habilis. H. habilis was the first Homo and it was named the name with ability.

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