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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


It was on the 29 March 2006 at Leriba Lodge Centurion. The gathering was on SAEON Graduate Student Network Workshop. The students were from various in institutions ranging from different Universities to different Organizations. Students were firstly, introduced to student network by Bernard Coetzee who was charing the gathering. Secondly, students were welcomed to SAEON by its head Johan Pauw. Lastly, the students were addressed by the dynamic speaker or speaker of the day by the name of Dr Bob Scholes.

Dr Bob Scholes addressed students in some of the most sensitive issues that students are faced with in their research papers. These issues include the use of public money in their research and refencing their work so that in future they can be acknowledge by other people using their work. For example: if a student use an excel in his/her research paper he/she must put his/her name and the date on top of the paper.

Coming to research, Bob addressed the students that there must be a link between the students and the public in which they serve, this is because the public contributed the money towards their research. Therefore the public must also get the value of their money from the young researchers through the positive feedback.

Bob further continued by addressing students about the methods in which most of the Universities are still using such as doing research within the laboratories. He further continued by saying that it is time to our Universities to change their style of doing research to the style of assessment. In this style of assessment, Bob encouraged the students to maintain the links with the public, interoperability and sharing of the data.

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