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Friday, May 26, 2006


Although no clear definition of crop circle is currently known, it is believed that they are supernatural things which are very difficult to explain their real causes. Different shape forms of these crop circles are the most interesting thing about these phenomenons. Some have round shape, rectangular shape and star shape.

However the scientists are trying to find out the real cause of this phenomenon. On the other hand, there are hoax believers who believe that these circles are human made. Crop circles have been reported in different countries around the world and this phenomenon appeared in mediums such as barley, wheat and rice paddies.

For example, a crop formation at Chehalis, Washington, USA sampled by Ilyes, the shape of this crop circle was an equilateral triangle. The results of this analysis indicated that electromagnetic energy is an influencing factor in crop formation. The result shows that plants stems were altered by energy mechanism.

Interestingly, I have a lot of questions regarding crop circles formation. First is the issue of time in which they occurred. It is said that they occurs between 11pm and 4am. Second is the fact that they are only found in developed countries and non in developing countries. Surprisingly they are found in the northern hemisphere and why non in the southern hemisphere. The third is the different shape forms they have. I therefore believe that these are man made phenomenon, there are people who are behind this crop circles. The time in which they occurred is an indication that these people work in dark so that they cannot be seen. The fact that these crop circles are found in developed countries is still questionable. I believe this as another hoax as far as many hoaxes are still not yet recovered.

Looking at their different shapes, I believe that there are circle makers who specialise in designing these crop circles.

“Various scientific and pseudo-scientific explanations were put forward to explain the phenomenon, which soon spread around the world. In 1991, more than a decade after the phenomena began, two men, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, revealed that they had been making crop circles in England since 1978 using planks, rope, hats and wire as their only tools. Many other people around the world are also openly making crop circles, notably Although the commonly accepted view today is that crop circles are a man-made phenomenon, paranormal explanations, often including UFOs, are still popular” (2).

I therefore conclude that crop circles are human made but not natural phenomenon as it is said by others.

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