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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mysteries of the unexplained...Crop circles unearthed

“Man cannot discover new oceans until he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” If we have learnt anything from the ideas of Quantum Mechanics, it’s that we can only experience things that our conscience believes possible, which we then bring into being. So then is it not possible that the answers to the questions we have about crop circles, and the fact that we disbelieve so much of their very existence is because we do not believe the answers to be possible?
The first documented crop circle is the story of the Mowing – devil. The mowing devil is the title of an English woodcutters pamphlet published in 1678. It tells of a farmer who, refusing to pay the price demanded by a labourer to mow his field, swore that he would rather that the devil mowed it instead. According to the pamphlet, that night his field appeared to be in flame (which is in line with present day accounts of the balls of light most people see hovering over the places where circles are being created). The next morning, the field was found to be perfectly mowed - supernaturally perfect, in fact.This pamphlet, and the accompanying illustration, is often cited as among the first recorded cases of crop circles by cereologists. People who study these phenomena are cerealogists after Ceres the Roman god of agriculture.


I find that over the course of time mankind has shifted his blame for the things he can’t understand from the devil (and the occult) to now the employment of conspiracy theory. Now no one is prepared to believe that anything is beyond our comprehension, and that the technologies we have must be able explain absolutely everything in our universe. We seem convinced that behind every ‘wonder of nature’ there must be someone trying to pull our leg (take us for a ride).

A very good example of people using our skeptic nature to fool us into believing that crop circles are all man-made is a website hosted by a group called circlemakers, claiming to have created cropcircles using quite simple tools. The only problem with their work is that it cannot possibly explain the electromagnetic fields found in the genuine article, and most certainly cannnot mean that they had created these without breaking one single crop. I might also add that none of the crop circles which I saw on this website are nearly spectacular as the ones who no one has claimed to have made (sorry guys).

The first reported crop circle for 2006 is one in Brisbane, Australia in February and seems to be a continuation of circles that appeared in more or less the same place in 2004, which definitely reinforces the beliefs of many people that these circles are in fact messages from other beings/planets/universes.

The evidence to show the very intruging plant abnormalities that exist in the crops in and around crop circles are truly amazing. They have been thouroughly researched and statistically analysed to 95% confidence levels by many scientists including Michigan biophysicist W.C. Levengood . These include abnormal enlargement of cell wall pits in bract tissue, Enlarged (both laterally and longitudinally) plant stem nodes, Marked bending of the plant stem nodes, Bending at the base of the plant stem and Expulsion cavities (holes blown out at the plant stem nodes).

Then there are those who belive that the crop circle phenomenon can be explained by military powers US and UK using microwave technology to destroy enemy weaponry , well i dunno, they do present some good facts, but it then points right back to my devil-conspiracy theory hypothesis.

There are so many people claiming to know conclusively wo done it, but none I feel to my satisfaction so I will for now, until someone comes with a evidence based, repeatable or provable explinations be prepared to merely sit back in my armchair and admire one of lifes great mysteries of the unexplained.
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