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Friday, April 21, 2006


This is the right question as compared to being asked whether we've ever
landed on the moon. Did we land on the moon on 20th June 1969? We landed
space ship there but not human on space. The Russians already had landed
a space ship there and also Americans did it but not the idea that the
human beings landed on the moon. We didn't land at the particular time
suggested .To me what happened and was broadcasted in Huston was just a
well prepared lie for the Americans and the world to justify the 25.4
billion dollars
to a project that becomes a failure. This also served the purpose of
boosting the confidence of Americans which had dwindled in their
administration after the launch of the launch Sputnik1 the first space
shuttle. First lets look at the
reason why Apollo 11 was launched. This was done during the cold war
space race and, at this time the Russians had just launched the first
satellite into space on 4th October 1957. This was a challenge to the
Americans as they seemed to be loosing the space race to the Russians
only to recover by the launch of the Apollo 11. President Kennedy said
"Everything we do ought to really be tied in to getting on to the
moon ahead of the Russians... otherwise we shouldn't be spending that
kind of money, because I'm not interested in space... The only
justification (for the cost) is because we hope to beat the USSR to
demonstrate that instead of being behind by a couple of years, by God,
we passed them." With this in
mind the Americans had to do their level best to include creating a
hoax. The previous missions had no photos so photos had to be added to
give more strength to the case also Americans needed something so as to
boost the public's confidence in the government.

The greatest give away for the Americans were the photos that they
claimed were from space. The flag is shown to be blown by the wind where
was the wind from? Who took the photos like the ones for Neil Armstrong
when making his giant leap to the moon and the take off of the ship from
the moon? The pressure in the space suits should be higher in the space
suits than in the moon so they should be bloated and not like they
appear. Where are the stars in all the pictures?

For a space ship to have landed in moon am 90% certain, for man landing
in the moon am about 10% percent certain. The space ship could have
escaped the Van Allen radiation belt but this would have had a fatal
effect on human beings. To date non of the astronauts have any side
effects or died from the effects of such strong radiation. The ship is
believed to have been exposed for about thirty minutes and these are
strong and fatal rays. For the photos it was a mere public relations
issue and with the discovery of others video fragments it shows they
were manipulated.
And with this honorable ladies and gentlemen I beg to rest my case.

The Space Race
The Sputnik
Reasons for Apollo

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