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Friday, April 21, 2006



There was a serious argument between the Advocates of Hoax and National Aeronantics and Space Administration (NASA) about landing on the Moon. The entire drone about the Moon began on 15th of February 2001. When Fox television aired the program entitled Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? The Advocates totally disagree with evidence that were provided by NASA. Advocates identified different things from the evidence of Astronauts that led them to the conclusion that Landing on the Moon was a hoax.

The most prominent advocates of the hoax theory were Bill Kaysing, Ralph Rene, David Percy, Marry Bennett and more recently Bart Sibrel.  Bill Kaysing argued that landing on the moon was faked in the Nevada desert (</apollo.hoax.html).  NASA did not have technical capability on going to the Moon, but due to the Cold War with the Soviet Union forced them to fake it.  He had indicated that the chance of landing on the Moon was calculated to be 0.0017 (1 in).

Ralph Rene believed that the NASA decided not to land to the moon and fake it. The Data  which was shown was accurate, but there was a big difference between a defect and major technical problem.  As results moon landing was failed. In contrary, the studies conducted by Apollo Support Department of the General Electric Company in Florida showed that the chances of landing on the moon and returning safely to the earth were very high.  It was more than 90%.  The assessment was based on the understanding and technology of that time. (

Furthermore, Bill as one of the Advocates argues that NASA has perpetrated in lie that there was no stars which can be observed in a space to validate lack of stars.  In all photograph, there were no stars that were visible, but NASA said that the purpse of the photos was to record the activities on the surface of the moon not to take the stars.

In all the pictures that were taken by the astronauts, the shadows were not black. Object in the shadow were clearly, including a plague on the side of the lander that can read easily.  If the sun was the only source of light on the moon, the Hoax Believers (HBs) said that there was no air to scatter the light, shadow should be utterly. </apollo.hoax.html).

The man who designed the camera of astronauts was contacted to know more information about the pictures.  The pictures were perfect.  They could not take perfect picture every time.  The man did not give the answer. He hemmed and hammed.  The situation was difficult for him to speak the truth during the interview.  This was clear evidence that NASA must have faked the mission (

David Percy said that not one still photograph of John Young matches the video footage, yet NASA claims both were shot at the same time.  He indicated that the triangular shaped piece of the fabric was located on the top of John did not appear and NASA said that was a myth.  The tip of the fabric can be seen when one closely examine the video ( ).

The crosshairs of the astronauts were etched to better help measured objects in the picture.  The HBs argued that the film would melt if exposed to a temperature of 250. NASA indicated that Advocates were not aware about the type of film used .  Apollo Astronauts used the special transparency film designed specifically.  The camera used was protected inside by  a special case to keep them cool (

Kaysing argued that when the astronauts were assembling the American flag, the flag waved. That must had been from an errant breeze on the set. A flag would not wave in a vacuum. The advocates were not aware that the flag can wave in vacuum.  That happened because when they whipped around the vertical pole, the flag waved since it was attached at the top.  The top moved first, and then the cloth followed along in a wave that moved down(</apollo.hoax.html).

I am 97% confidence that no man landed to the money.  I agreed with the evidences which were given by Advocates of HBs, for examples shadow cast on the lunar surface should be parallel.  Apollo photos were not parallel indicated more than one light source, moisture must be present in soil for it to form footprints, yet the Moon is totally dry world, and a large amount of dust was generated during landings, yet no dust can be seen on the Lunar Module footpads.


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