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Friday, April 21, 2006


There was an argument between the Scientists about the astronauts landed on tme moon.  Some of the scientists believed that NASA fakes this, they  never landed on the moon and they did not return with enough evidence from the moon, they return with the rocks.  Other scientists believed that astronauts did land on the moon and they return with the evidence of rocks from the moon.

According to Bill Kaysing, astronauts did not landed on the moon, they fake their video about landed on the moon.  Bill has all the evidence which include the taken pictures during their journey to the moon. Something was missing from their photos.  This proved them that astronauts never land on the moon because the star was missing from their photos. Another evidence that Bill have included engineering details and what the confirmed during their interview (Fox TV, 2001).

The other picture that was taken by an astronauts is that there was a lunar dust blown away by the rocket when the astronauts jumping from one place to another on the moon.  It was said that on the moon there is no force of gravity; air is the only thing that can helped the dust to blow away.  It was said that all the pictures taken from the moon were always perfect meaning that they were clear and they interviewed the person who designed the camera of an astronauts that, why the photos were all clear?  He said that he did not have the answer and he finally agreed that it was a hoax and NASA fake the mission. Some astronauts were asked why the stars are missing at their pictures.  They said that it is impossible for a camera to view every thing, every where, so camera can not take every thing (Fox TV, 2001).

There was another picture which shown the flag of the United States planted by the astronauts on the moon.  The flag of the United States was waving, so there is no way that the flag can wave without air and it was said that there is no air on the moon.  Some astronauts believed that not all the time the flag can be waved by air in the space.  Astronauts also said that flag waved when they planted the flag pole because they rotate it back and forth to better penetrate the lunar soil and it is possible for the flag to wave in a vacuum (The Great Moon Hoax, 2001)

According to the Dr David McKay who was the lunar sample laboratory facility at theNational Aeronantics and Space Administration ( NASAs) Johnson Space Centre (JSC) said that many astronauts walked on the moon between 1969 and 1972 and some of the astronauts died on their way to the moon, only nine are still alive and they return from the moon with the 841 pound of the moon rocks which were different from an Earth rocks.  The different between the rocks from moon and the earth is that, the rocks from the earth do not have water, and the rocks from the moon have trapped water.  Dr Marc Norman said that they found a fresh glass in the moon rocks produced by explosive volcanic and meteorit impact about 3 billion years ago (The Great Moon Hoax, 2001).

Ralph Rene said that no one landed on the moon, NASA fake the whole thing about moon landing.  It provided by having difference evidence between a defect and major technical problem.  Rene said that early Apollo flights tested mission share out buds in hardware and procedure, the moon landing were far from flawless (Did we land on the moon, 2001).

I am 90 % certain that no man landed on the moon, all was a fake. Apollo 1 to 10 are the once who tried to go to the moon but unfortunately they did not came back on Earth, they died during their journey because of the solar radiation.  Apollo 11 to 17 claimed that they landed on the moon but they refused to swear to God that they landed on the moon, they just run away.  The astronauts took 9 hours to go to the moon which was impossible and it said that the journey to the moon took three days.  I am 89 % certain that no spacecraft landed on the moon.  This is because the Apollo pictures were not having the stars. The star can be seen only when there is a sun and it means the sky will be black.  I concluded that no one landed on the moon and one of the astronauts said that if they can not make it, they have to fake it. So they did fake the landed moon.


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