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Monday, July 24, 2006



I still see confusion, so as to clear up things I will try and explain what each of the documents under the Plagiarism Statement mean and when to use them. I confirm that I received your first hard-copies and CD for the Map Projections Assignment 2 with all forms signed.

Plagiarism declaration to be included in all assignments.doc

This document is to be submitted with EACH and EVERY assignment - although there is no a place for it, I would suggest that you also write in the name of the assignment on that form and then attach (staple) to the back of all submitted work. Make sure that all submitted work has a front piece with Your Ful Name, Student Number, Student Email (CSIR), Assignment Title, Course Title (and Course code e.g. BCB703) and Date. (Note you have done this correctly so many thanks!)

Plagiarism declaration.doc

I need this document for each course (e.g. BCB703) thast you undertake but only ONCE for the course - it is so we have on record that you understand the issue of plagiarism. Each course is assume to be independent legal contracts. Although the form does not ask it I would add the APPROPRIATE course code next to the heading GENERAL PLAGIARISM DECLARATION.

Plagiarism statement of guilt.doc

This document is only to be used if we identified that you have committed plagiarism - in essence it is an "admission of guilt". You do not sign this until we have made a request that you do so AND on us providing evidence that you have committed this offence. Please see the Code of Honour that I put up earlier, and I assume you accepted THIS GUIDELINE - this indicates what represents an appropriate amount of evidence for this procedure to be implemented. So these forms you have filled will be destroyed and I am starting you off from this day with a clean slate of no offenses. Please remember once you have signed this document you have only one chance before disciplinary action leading to your possible academic exclusion is initiated through the Proctor and this will necessitate that you come down to Cape Town.

PLAGIARSIM PROCEDURE.doc - this is the official document from the Science Faculty to guide you on this issue.

I have attached the official Department guidelines on referencing - if you apply this you will not be penalised in any way UNLESS we have specifically asked you to do something different in the ASSIGNMENT instructions, so I suggest you print out the CSE Referencing document and keep by you at all times.

Due to the need for these documents all future assignments have to be submitted in Hard Copy and Electronic formats. I will seek final confirmation from the Department and the Faculty later ion this issue.


Please if you do not understand these documents or this posting either add a comment if you think it is a general lack of clarity inb the class otherwise you can email me at my UWC address. Personal issues, like the my own file will not open you should contact me directly.


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