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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Hi Everyone

I have just received an e-mail on a great resource from the University of Queensland called "Hang In There" - Distance Learning Support Kit since you are all registered for a distance-based degree there should be some useful resources and hints. I really urge you to look through this site and please also look at the section on plagiarism - it is quite helpful. University of Queensland is one of the leading providers of distance education. Try the quiz Am I ready for distance study?

Here is an extract from their website describing characteristics of a self-directed learner
    • Recognise that learning is a process that is ongoing and lifelong.
    • Recognise that learning is an active construction (or building up) of knowledge and understanding, not just memorisation of facts.
    • Actively connect new information with prior knowledge and previous experiences.
    • Are aware that the learning process requires intention and effort.
    • Take responsibility for their learning rather than expecting their teachers to do it for them.
    • Understand their preferred learning styles.
    • Understand how to self-manage their learning.
    • Have a range of strategies they can apply to any learning situation - at work or in their lives generally.
    • Think critically about what they are learning.
    • Take time out to reflect on and monitor their learning.
    • Are confident, independent and prepared to take risks.
    • Aren't afraid to ask questions and seek help when they need it.

The URL is

Here are the deatail of one of the developers/

Caroline Steel

Lecturer in Higher Education
Teaching & Education Development Institute
The University of Queensland
Ph: +61 7 3365 9035


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