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Friday, May 26, 2006


Crop circle are geometric design that occur in the field of crops or plant but it was mostly found occurring in the plant or crop that have herbaceous stem. They form different shape but most of it develop from circle and stretch to other formation. It was suggested by most of the ancient scientist that the crop circle are natural design. It was suggested that God or evil, use the design to spread some information to the people. But other believe that aliens or natural cause try to communicate with us in the form of crop circle.1

Most of the crop circle happens in the ancient country in north hemisphere, and they occur in the farmland not in the natural forest. They mostly happen during the crop season, so this made other people not to believe that it happen natural, why not happen in the forest or not in the herbaceous plant. These are the questions that are raised by people who do not believe the crop circle as hoax.2

It happen mostly in small herbaceous plant or crop, they lay flattened on the ground and the stem of the crop just bent down not broken, they grow flat following the circle. Or the shape of the crop design. They can be 40ft in diameter with 5 ft diameter of standing plant in the centre.

Shapes of the crop circle are not the same they are known as geometrical, because they produce different shape. These shapes tend to have effect on the crops, the leaf of the crop result in changing colours that shows that they are burnt by micro wave radiation or they are not receiving sunlight properly .the leaf tend to be yellow like they are drying up.

Other scientist do some test to prove if the crop circle is man made or what, laboratory test confirm that the leaves are burnt by micro wave that made them shriveled. The plants that are in control do not show any effect. So this ripple indicates that during formation of circle there was a transient energy involving.

But one can suggest that all this is part of hoax, the crop circle are design by human. Scientist such as David Bower and his friend Dave Chorley confirm that they used to design the crop circle; using plank and string with razor to cut a small puncture that will allow the crop to bend easily.1

The origin of this crop circle can make one not to believe that it is a natural thing, because it only happens in the ancient county why not in the other parts of the continent like Africa. Why only happen in the herbaceous plant only. And it mostly designs unique shape that can mostly design by man.

In conclusion I can suggest that the crop circles are man-made features, they designs it spread information that can be used for psychological purpose. For those who believe on the diagrams. The crop circles are mainly found in north hemisphere, in Egypt. People there believe that the crop circle drawings are useful to relax ones mind .they also believe that it bring ones close to the nature or planet earth. It shows love and caring, but this for me depend on the belief that on have, as scientist we take what we analyse and find it suitable for our consciousness 3


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