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Monday, March 20, 2006


Instructions for making a Power Point

A Pre-made Template can be downloaded from the link below

(Right Click and use Save Target as to download)

Why use a template?

This ensures that all presentations are marked on the content rather than attractiveness of the presentation. We would also possibly like to include some presentations into future courses so it allows this form of integration.

We won't expect you to actually present the Power Point - your notes are to help people to understand the content.


I would suggest 20-25 slides (best that slides carry less information and more of them are made) - a recommendation only!

Notes are made to explain the slide - notes should be brief but explain the content- as a guide 1500 to 2000 words should be adequate to explain - however, a word check will not be done - its the overall impression of thoroughness that is important and will be assessed.

Mark Allocation

Content 70%

Was the research reasonably well undertaken?

Is there a story line? (A clear structure to the content)

Is the information accurate, relevant and well expressed?

Was the information sources reputable ones and reasonably recent?

Attempt to provide a classification of the organism that you described using as the source for classifications.

Presentation Neatness 10%

Neatness of the presentation - were the bullets properly formed and the annotation working? Did they stick to working within the frames? Was all lettering in the same font (Arial or Verdana) and/or consistent in font usage?

References (as put in each note) 10%

Are they consistently presented?

Are they complete - in other words statements are defended or attempts made to defend the statements.

Overall interest of the presentation 10%

Was the presentation interesting and maintained your attention? Was it fairly original? Allowance is given that some material is easier to present than other material.

Once the Power Point has been made please ensure that your contact details Name, Student No, Address and Email are on the front (title) page. Then email the Power Point to me at the following email

Deadline 30 April 2006: 17h00 (end of the month)

When you submit what will happen?

Your presentation will be published on the Internet and linked to the Weblog. The Weblog is a transaction of all activities in the course and so links will be put up. A selection of review questions will be identified and put up on the Weblog to help prepare for the mid-year exam, together with some other questions.

Dr Richard Knight
Co-ordinator: National Information Society Learnerships - Ecological Informatics
Department of Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
University of the Western Cape
Private Bag X17
Bellville 7535

Phone 27 + 21 + 959 3940
Fax 27 + 21 + 959 1237




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