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Thursday, April 13, 2006


The video is talk about how the universe works. Different scientist explained their theories on how universe work. Different scientist was coming up with their findings of how universe work. Isaac Newton, Albert Estein, Niels Borh, are explain how the universe function. The force of gravity, nuclear and weak forces, and electromagnetism were used to explain how the universe works. The scientist combined all the forces together to find the solution.

Isaac Newton
He came with his 3 laws. He explains that, there is pulling force and pushing force. Newton also explain that, the pull force all the particles towards the centre of the earth. He also gave us examples, trees fall because of two forces called pulling force and pushing force acting on the apple.
Green from Columbia. He said that, if light travels in high speed, gravitational disturbance will form the waves.
He came up with the theory of electromagnetic force. He said that when the light is moving, it creates dots and dash. Then gravity, electromagnetism and string were combined to form equation.
Albert Estein
He explained that, everything in the universe is made up by strings. But Professor Steven said that, these strings vibrate in order to make all the constituents of nature. That is were the string theory began.
Nima Arkani
He was from Harvard University. During 1939 he said that, the gravity and electromagnetism are not the only one who describes how the universe works. For examples nuclear force and weak force are the other forces that describe how the universe works. He also said that, nuclear forces it consist of protons and neutrons.
Micheal Green
He explains the theory of quantum mechanics theory. He said that, the universe is formed as a result of big bang; as a result the universe became small

Niels Bohr disagrees with Newton and Estein theory. He about the elements called atoms. Bohr came with a theory of quantum mechanics which explain the descriptions of how the universe works.

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