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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I have corrected some links that seem to have got corrupted with an additional http:// in front of the URL.  If a link does not work you can copy and paste (CTRL-C and CTRL-V the URL) into you web browser.  I have had requests that the content of working  links should be emailed to people doing the course.  Here is the official policy on use of the material on the BBC website to illustrate  that is would be technically an infringement on the use of the material. 

"All rights, including copyright, in the content of these BBC web pages are owned or controlled for these purposes by the BBC.

In accessing the BBC's web pages, you agree that you may only download the content for your own personal non-commercial use.

You are not permitted to copy, broadcast, download, store (in any medium), transmit, show or play in public, adapt or change in any way the content of these BBC web pages for any other purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission of the BBC. "

What I have done on the weblog is to put in quotes extracted sentence or two and provide the link to the original BBC article - this is catered for under fair use of the material and is done under normal quoting practices. If you do quote literally please put into quotes with the reference.
What you can do is the following
Access the website using Internet Explorer Browser - once downloaded  Go to  File | Save As | select Save as type: Web Archive, single file (*.mht) - these file you may use for personal use but you should not distribute.
If a link is actually broken you can leave a comment "BROKEN LINK", I will test and correct in the event of a problem and this will be commented back.

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