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Tuesday, April 25, 2006



In 1960s competition between the United States of America and the United Soviet Socialist Republic was on, following the soviet space program of man- made satellite placed on the space, then Americans alarmed their own mission on space. Competitions started during the cold war and it was for the two countries to land on the moon, and this result in many attempt to land on the moon. With the influence of radiation belt scientist believe that no one could make it, but the attempt of Americans bears fruits in 1969 by Apollo 11.



According to the NASA, they have done many projects in an attempt to land on the moon.   American launched their Project to land on the moon in 1961, project mercury and Gemini iii was set to discover if man can survive on the space, for long period Alan. B. Shepard Jr became the first in the space, and John Glenn was the first to orbit the earth in 1962 using friendship7spacecraft and then Virgil ‘Gus’ Grisson and John W Young. Arrive to the space in 1965 using Gemini iii, this encourage them that they can make it to the moon this because both of the project proved that human can survive on the space.



 Then the Apollo program was launched following the success of mercury and Gemini, in the first it was not planned to land man in the moon, it was planned to do some research on the space, US President John F Kennedy change the program in 1961 that the USA must commit it self to land man on the moon and return him to the earth safely. Its first attempt to land man on the moon failed with the loss of astronaut‘s life in Apollo 1 catches fire, from Apollo 2 to Apollo 7 the was a technical failure which alter the Apollo to reach the moon due to the radiation belt which have impact on the object because of its temperature which reach 500 degree Celsius.



The modification resulted in the Apollo 8 which manage to pass the radiation belt and orbit the moon in 1968, and this encourage them to try again to land the spacecraft on the moon because of the Apollo 8 which was nearly to make it, then the Apollo 11 made it in 1969 with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, these two astronauts was the first two to land in the moon, and this result in National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) to win the race to land spacecraft on the moon and which  proved that not all of their Apollo’s reach the space only one made it because there was  other Apollo which follow after Apollo 11,Apollo 13 to Apollo 17 fail to make it. This made me 99 percent certain that there were astronauts who reach the moon from America and it was not a hoax. Critism can develop everywhere since other scientist do not believe on other scientist findings.



With the flag that the astronaut place on the lunar surface and the rock they brought back reflect that they landed in the moon, with the picture taken also show that they where in the moon,



 Due to the foot print and the dust blown during landing was influenced by the dry soil in the moon as there is no moisture, the footprints was caused by the type of soil presented in the lunar surface which is predominately composed silicate material , it bond with other silica to form large molecules with the existence of oxygen. because in the moon there is no oxygen these bonds cannot occur until there is an event that aligns the molecules when the astronaut’s boot disturbs the lunar dust new molecular bonds are created, and this result in the footprints.



Concerning the waving flag not all waving needs wind when the astronauts planting the flag pole they rotated it back and forth for better penetrating the lunar soil so of course the flag must wave.



The photo cannot be the accurate  if it was taken by the camera that was mounted on the astronaut’s chest it cannot shoot all the features on different slope and angels, so the omission of the star was subjected on the slope and only the picture shoot on the same level will be accurate.  



In nutshell I am sure that the scientists manage to land spacecraft and astronauts to the moon.  it is only criticism from other  scientist who do not believe on astronaut’s findings, Negative criticism always make an impact than the positive criticism so with the involvement of the media it make the negative criticism to be more accurate than the truth , in the video one cannot be certain if that was planned so that the public can believe that  no one landed in the moon ,I do not believe that Astronauts can lie to their own president and the world as a whole, also their rivals USSR are not revealing that the USA fail to land on the moon so it leave most of us certain that we land on the moon. This can also supported by the tour of Mark shuttleworth to the space which shows there is a possibilities to land on the moon.




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