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Thursday, March 23, 2006

A future that is dark for men

Adam's Curse -

"Genetically speaking, the big difference between men and women is that
where women have two X chromosomes, men have one X and one Y chromosome.
It is surprising that one chromosome difference out of our total of 46
can have such an important consequence. Is this relatively small genetic
variance really sufficient to explain the differences between the sexes,
not just the physical but the psychological, social or even cultural?
Prof Sykes takes us on a fascinating exploration into the science of sex
and gender, and takes a scientific look at what makes men tick. His
research has shown that the all-important male Y chromosome is getting
smaller. As the generations pass the female X chromosome is taking over.
Women are winning the evolutionary battle of the sexes. The shocking
conclusion is that men, slowly but surely, are headed for extinction."

Can we survive the onslaught?

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Hey Guys!!!

Currently, in my scientific methodology course I'll be addressing the
issue of the Neanderthals not being as close to modern man as was
previously assumed.
My honours project is on aquatic parasitology, particularly on the
parasites found on the gills of goldfish.
My blog includes both the issues in my daily life as well as my
research and input would be appreciated.

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