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Monday, May 29, 2006


Crop circles are the most interesting attracting patterns found in some parts of the world, as far as we know they are only found in the Northern Hemisphere. They are not only in the forms of circles but they are also in the form of geometric patterns. It seems as it is not easy to explain the crop circles [1].

Most of the crop circles have been found in England, the Netherlands, the United States, and Australia. These mysteries of phenomenon can be found in fields, in the top of the tree, in snow and ice, and they are also found in corn fields, wheat, oat, rape and barley. The formation of the crop circles does not occur at anytime. The crop circles are created late at night between 23h00 and 04h00 [1].

The size of the crop circles found in Australia in 2004 is about “four degrees east of magnetic north, an 8 metre circle to the south of a 3.8-4 metre circle” [2].

The crop circles appeared flattened, burnt with some form of heat and light source, there were also changes in nodes of the stems and the colour of seeds were also different from the original colour [1]. The shapes of the crop circles are likening to creation, sacred geometry, etc, [1]. There are different believes concerning the crop circles, some believes that they are naturals; some believes that they are the results of the devils while other believe that they are hoax, some of the people believed that crop circles were formed by the wind and some believe that they are created by the UFOs, others say they are created by a “brief, intense bursts of microwave radiation from the outer space” [3].

The sampling methods were used to identify the type of crop in a particular location. The barley type of crop was discovered in 1996 August 15 after occurring in 01 – 02 August 1996 in Logan, Utah by Todd Ryan and Lisa Layton. They sampled plants and soil from the field of the circle [4].

In conclusion, the crop circles are not man made, they occurred naturally. If really they were hoax, why are they not found in China and South Africa? I believe they were naturally created. Hoax believers should ask themselves why this crop circles are not found everywhere. Who can spend six hours creating the crop circle? They might spend more than six hours. I totally agree that the crop circles are not man made.


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Crop circles are very nice, beautiful, flattened and complex geometric patterns. The geometric patterns include the proofs of Pythagoras theorems which are related to musical notes. They are found in different types of crops such as Corn, Wheat, Oats, Barley and Grass. Crop circles are not only found in crops, but also in Maize. In the 17 century, the fossil record of woodcuts which appear to be the crop circles has been observed. The first woodcut appears in the Hertfordshire newspaper in England. Today there is variety of thousands of the crop circles of different shapes around the globe. Different theories and beliefs on whether the crop circles occur naturally or are man-made also prevail.

There are beautiful and the most attractive crop circles in different parts of the globe. They are found in the USA, Russia, England, Israel and Canada. Even though they are found in different parts of the world, England seems to be the dominant country of where many of the crop circles are found. Shamefully, there is no single report indicating the locations of crop circles in the continent of Africa. Lack of availability of the crop circles in the continent of Africa can be attributed to the poor reporting from the media or lack of knowledge about the crop circles.

There are different types of these magnificent crop circles. They are ranging from simple, to doubles, triples and multiples crop circles. The names of these crop circles include Mandelbrot set, Stonehenge Julia Set and the Triple Julia Set. In my opinion, the most beautiful crop circles which hooked my heart from the Video viewed is the Triple Julia Set because of its shape and golden colour. The shape and its beautiful golden colour of the Triple Julia Set is amazing, because it also consists of 35 circles, imagine not just circles, but golden circles which hooked the eyes of the observer.

Like in the Video reviewed, Jazz Rassol an Astrophysicist, Paul Vigay and Michael Glickman share different views when coming to the crop circles. Rasool provides his insights about the crop circles; he tries by all means to link crop circles with human mind and quantum gravity. He further says that the beautifulness of the geometry of the crop circle is indicated with various colourful computer generated images and animations. While on the other side, Paul Vigay says that crop circles are found all around the globe in places like USA, UK, Russia and Israel. He further says that crop circles are found in the crops such as Corns, Oats, Grass and Wheat.

The unfortunate part of the crop circles is that the evidence which indicate clearly how the crop circles are formed remains sketchy. The unavailability of how the crop circles are formed can be attributed to many of the different theories and beliefs. Other people believe that there is energy of field present in the crop formations that affect photographic equipment and other equipment. Visitors who visit the crop circles reported a wide range of physiological, psychological or emotional effects. While in the Agricultural sector, farmers believe that crop circles tend to interact at an unconscious level, the type of experience is governed largely by the state of mind of the individuals.


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