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Saturday, April 22, 2006

No man landed on the moon.

According to the information I read on the "The great Moon Hoax" article, it shows that or proves that Apollo astronauts did not visit the moon. Even though nine astronauts return from the moon with 841 pounds of moon rocks but other scientist suggested that were produced from explosive volcanic activity on earth. There are few peoples point to alleged anomalies in the Apollo photo and video record as evidence of their claims. Those people are Bill Kaysing (author of We Never Went to the Moon); Ralph Rene (author of NASA America). Dr. David McKay (is a chief scientist planetary science and exploration at NASA's Johnson Space Centre; and also a member of the group that overseas the lunar sample laboratory facility at JSC where most of the moon rocks are stored) mention that the moon rocks are not the same as other rocks in the universe (NASA,2001).

Bill Kaysing claimed that the chance of a successful landing on the moon was calculated to be 0.0017 and it also confirmed comparing with the Rocket dyne Company in the late 1950. The lunar module's antenna was used to send television pictures of the Apollo 11 landing directly to earth from the surface of the moon. Regarding the pictures of Apollo 11 taken on the moon, it has been mentioned that there cannot be any pictures taken on the moon because the film would melt in the 250 degrees temperature; and also the radioactive heat can be effectively directed away from an object by wrapping it in a material with a reflective surface, usually simply a white material. In the camera casings, as well as most of the astronauts closing, were indeed white (NASA footage, 1975)

On the video, taken from Google it shows that the images of the earth taken from orbit also lack stars and NASA has perpetrated the lie that stars cannot be seen in space to validate the lack of stars in the Apollo photos. After the astronauts landed on the moon they putted an American flag which was bending and rippling while on the moon there is no breeze. In an atmosphere the motion of the American or any flag would quickly dampen out due to air resistance. The information technologies experts also said that no one saw the Apollo spacecraft leaving the earth orbital and the Soviets closely tracked the Apollo's all the way to the moon and back (NASA footage, 1975)

Other Apollo's before Apollo 11 never succeeded to the moon due to Van Allen Radiation belts, which resulting in the lethal doses of radiation. The Van Allen Radiation belts consist of a doughnut shaped region centred on the earth's magnetic equator and spanning about 40 degrees of latitude -20 degrees above and below the magnetic equator. However spacesuits can radiate heat, some of the heat energy received from the sun is radiated back into space as infrared rays and much of the sun's radiant energy can be reflected away. The astronauts wore spacesuits known as the extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU). The environment inside the suit consisted of 100% oxygen at 3.7 PSI (about 1/3 that of a ball), therefore the astronauts should have been puffed out like the Michelin Man, but were seen freely bending their joints (NASA, 2001)

In my conclusion: I am 94% believe that neither space craft nor man landed on the moon. All claims of Apollo 11 astronauts are a fake due to NASA In order to beat Soviets and to assure that American achieve John Kennedy's goal of landing on the moon.


1. Extracted from: NASA, 2001. The great moon hoax. Online accesses 20/04/2006.
2. Extracted from: Google video, 1975. The time of Apollo, :Online accesses 20/04/2006.

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